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Daniel Willem isn’t your average German Singer/Songwriter. Visually, musically and lyrically way more at home in American Folk & Rock Music than anywhere else, you can see the spark in his eyes when he talks about his time in Cincinnati which was so crucial for him becoming a musician full time. 


After hundreds of national and international concerts, support shows for artists like Gregory Porter, CRO or Asaf Avidan, Daniel Willem’s songs are bittersweet allegories on life on the road. Traveling the world, finding new adventures and letting them find you. His idea of music is the definition of a total romantic: the journey becomes the destination. Whether it’s real stories or just things made up in your mind. His Music is like a daydream brought to life.


„Playing live is by far the most exciting part of being a musician,“ Daniel Willem says.

“I want the audience to connect, to see themselves in my music, to celebrate with me the good things in life or even the bad things. Well, it’s all about getting out there, even if it means that you might get hurt.“ 


His Motto: Who wants to stay at home, living a boring life if getting out there on the road provides you with much better songs?

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